Friday, June 24, 2016

Have you ever tried essential oils?

I love them. I have a full growing collection. It all began back in my first yoga class. The instructor had us laying on our backs relaxing and thinking a our intentions for the day. She then came around and adjusted our bodies in a more relaxed position with our eyes closed. I could hear her rubbing her hands together but not sure what was going on. Once she was hoovering over me I remember being adjusted then quickly after came the rubbing hands sound and this amazing aroma took over. I was now a deep relaxing trance of citrus and mint. It was one of the most uplifting sensations ever and since then I was hooked.

I was kindly gifted a discounted price of a tea tree essential oil from a company called Majestic Pure Oils. I was very happy to receive this bottle nicely packaged and it arrived quickly through Amazon Prime. If you are looking to invest in essential oils I highly recommend it. Do your research and you will be surprised at how many products you already use will be replaced by the oils.

Below is a link to the product on Amazon.
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